ebook-Behind Jim Corbett's Stories:Analytical Journey to 'Corbett's Places' and Unanswered Questions

e-Book - James Edward "Behind Jim Corbett Stories: An Analytical Journey to Corbett's Places and Unanswered Questions" attempts to answer some of the lingering questions of Corbett's legacy based on rigorous scholarly study of the existing evidence and achival documents. The book is written by a group of authors from different continents, passionate fans of nature conservation and researchers of Jim Corbett's legacy. The reader will find scholarly explanations of some of the mysterious encounters, described in Corbett's stories, as well as details of his hunts including case studies of the places, people, dates and controversies surrounding some of the Corbett stories. The book is the result of multiple trips of the authors to Kumaon, the back drop of Jim Corbett's stories.

"Many people have expressed an eagerness to go on the trail of Jim Corbett. They will be curious and have questions, doubts and imagination about the legendary hunter-writer-conservaionist. This book will answer their questions and lat to rest their doubts"

Dr. AJT Johnsingh

Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore and WWF lndia

"'Behind Jim Corbett‘s' Stories' is a rich reward for true
Corbett afficionados. An invaluable guide to anyone with
the will to make a trip to Corbett country and second only
to Corbett's own words."

Keith McCafferty

Award-winnng author and survival and outdoors skills editor of Field & Stream magazine, USA

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